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January 25


“Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin.” 1 Corinthians 1:30b

Today we learned about the breastplate of righteousness and how God gives it to us to protect our hearts, the most vulnerable parts of our bodies.

Righteousness is a big word. Do you remember what it means? How do we become righteous? Is it something we do or something God does for us?

Sometimes the Devil tells us lies like “God doesn’t love you,” or “You’re not good enough.” How can the breastplate of righteousness protect us from lies like that? What should we always remember about God’s love for us? Does it ever stop? Can we ever change God’s love for us?

God showed us he loves us so much by sending Jesus to die for us so that we could be free from sin. What can we do to show God that we love him?

Take a look at this song, Because You Love Me. It reminds us that part of wearing God’s breastplate of righteousness is making good decisions and to follow God’s better way.



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January 18


Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.” John 17:17

Today we learned about the belt of truth. In Ephesians, Paul wrote about putting on the armour of God. The belt of truth is the first thing he mentioned.

  • A Roman soldier always wore a belt as part of his armour. The belt was important for three reasons. Can you tell your parents what those reasons were?
  • Just like the leather strips protect the soldier from injury; if we know and believe in God’s truth we will be protected. From whom will we be protected?
  • Where can we find God’s truths? How many of God’s truths can you list?
  • Can you think of some of Satan’s lies that we talked about this morning?

When we remember God’s truths and keep them close, we are protected and ready for battle against Satan and sin.

Let’s see if you’re ready. Answer True or False to these statements.

– God knows each one of us

– Jesus only loves people who never make mistakes

– Jesus loves me

– God wants me to wear the whole armour of God

– God only hears me on Sundays

– God has good plans for me


Good job! Now remember to take some time this week to read your Bible, so that you can store more truths into your belt.

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January 11

Win Against Sin: The Armour of God

“Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13

This week we started our new series, Win Against Sin. I figured you could use a refresher on what we talked about and a preview of what was to come. Check out this video that tells all about the armour of God then take a look at the Dig Deeper questions below.

1. ¬†What is your favourite super hero movie? Who’s the good guy? Does he or she have any super powers? Who’s the bad guy in the movie? Does your hero win over his or her enemy in the end?

2. Who is God’s enemy? There are lots of names for him… the Devil or Satan are two of them. If you are a friend of God then that means that the Devil is your enemy, too, and we are in a fight against him with God. The Devil is trying as hard as he can to make sure that you won’t be friends with God anymore by telling us lies and trying to get us to do bad things and sin.

3. Is there any reason for us to be afraid even though we’re in a battle? Read Psalm 121. What does it say about who is watching over us and protecting us? Will God ever leave us alone or forget about us? No way! He’s always with us and helping us.

4. As we continue our series, Win Against Sin, we’ll be learning about the tools that God gives us to help us fight sin and the Devil and protect us in our battle. Can you name a few already? (hint, they’re called “The Armour of God”)

5. The best way we can fight the battle with the devil is by reading our Bible and praying. Pray together right now that God will help you and protect you as you stay close to him and grow to be more like Jesus everyday.

Don’t forget to practice your memory work! Older Kidventurers your memory work can be found here. It’s a big’un, so start practicing! I know you can do it!

Younger Kidventurers (three year olds) here’s your memory work:

I’ll hold my shield and sword
And I will read God’s word
Then over lies and sin
God will help me win!

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