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March 19

The Truth About You…My Superhero

God doesn’t get tired of helping.

Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

Isaiah 46:4

Today we heard the story of Gideon. You can review the story by watching this video

or, pull out your Bible. Gideon’s story is found in Judges 6 and 7.

1 – Who needs saving in our story? Why? Have God’s people needed saving before? Do you remember last week’s story (the parting of the Red Sea)?

So, in today’s story the Israelites have once again forgotten about God. And, they are once again being mistreated. This time by the Midianites. And, once again, they call out to God for help. And, once again, God comes to save them.

2 – Who does God choose to lead the Israelites?

3 – Does Gideon believe that he is the right person for the job?

Moses did not believe he was the right guy for the job either, and so God showed Moses He would be with him by turning the staff into a snake and a few other miracles. God was persistent, He never gave up on Moses. In today’s story, the same thing happens. God doesn’t give up on Gideon even though Gideon doubts God. So, remember, that God won’t give up on you either.

4 – How does God show Gideon that He will be with him?

5 – Finally, Gideon accepts the job God has given him. Will you accept the jobs God gives you?

6 – How does Gideon win the battle against the Midianites? Is this how battles are typically won?


7 – God calls Gideon “mighty warrior”. Why does He call him this, Gideon wasn’t a soldier, he wasn’t the biggest or the strongest?

8 – Try to think of other “warriors” in the Bible that go to battle without swords.

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March 12

The Truth About You…My Superhero

God hears and helps!

“As for me, I call to God, and the Lord saves me.
Evening, morning, and noon I cry out in distress,
and he hears my voice.

Psalm 55:16-17

This week in Kidventure we talked about how God always hears his people when they call out to him. We learned about when the Israelites (God’s people) called out to him for help and he heard them and rescued them. You can read the story in the Bible starting in Exodus 5 or you can watch this video (it’s a long story to read):

Now that you know the story, answer these questions:

1. In Psalm 55 it uses the word “distress” what does that mean? Were the Israelites in distress and unhappy? (Yes! They were stuck as slaves; Pharaoh made them work very hard and did not care if they were happy, hot, hurt, hungry, tired, etc.)
2. Did Pharaoh want to let the Israelites go? (No, he wanted to keep them as slaves.)                                                                                                   3. Did God hear his people’s cry for help? What did he do? (Yes! God sent the 10 plagues to try to convince Pharaoh to let his family go.)
4. What did God tell his people to do when the angel passed by their homes? (He told the families to put the blood of a lamb above the doors so that the angel would pass by, and they would be protected.)
5. Just like that lamb died to save the oldest sons, who came and died to save us? (Jesus!)
6. What did God’s family do after they were rescued and walked through the Red Sea? (They celebrated and thanked him with music and dancing!)                                                                                                     7. Can you think of a time when you called out to God for help and he heard you and helped you? Pray together and thank God for always hearing us and always helping us.

Then check out the video for the new song we learned on Sunday!

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March 5

The Truth About You…My Superhero

We need help!

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Romans 3:23

1 – Who needs a saviour? Why?

Well, now that you’ve answered those questions you know exactly what this series is all about. Now, just for fun, let’s go all the way back to the first sin.

If you have the Jesus Storybook Bible, read “The terrible lie”. Or, grab your bible and read Genesis 3. Or, you can watch this video

2 – Did God love Adam and Eve?

3 – Were there any rules in God’s perfect garden? What was the rule? What kind of rules do you have to obey?

4 – Did Adam and Eve obey the rule? Why or why not?

5 – How did Adam and Eve feel after they broke the rule? How did God feel after Adam and Eve broke the rule?

6 – Do you ever break the rules? How do you feel after you break a rule?

7 – Do your parents stop loving you when you break the rules? Does God stop loving you when you break the rules?

Read Romans 8:38-39

8 – Is there anything you can do that could make God stop loving you?

The good news is that the story doesn’t end here. God loves you and God wants you. So, stay tuned as we see God’s Rescue Plan unfold.


Here’s the video from our new song. Be sure to teach your parents the actions.

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