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March 29

the BIG plan

“For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

We had a great time in Kidventure this week. We made an amazing tapestry telling the story of Easter, and all the special touches you guys put on it was fantastic.

I hope you’re enjoying your spring break. I’ll keep things simple this week and simply post a video that tells the Easter story. It’s a great reminder of what God’s BIG plan was and why it’s such good ¬†news for us. But I will ask one question… how does it make you feel to know God loves you like crazy and sent Jesus to save you?

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March 22

the BIG plan

God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world. He sent his Son to save the world through him.” John 3:17

This is a picture of the tallest bridge in the world:


It is called the Millau Viaduct and it is in France. The Millau Viaduct is 343 metres tall and is taller than the Eiffel Tower! It is a huge bridge, a massive bridge, a GIANT bridge!

But the Millau Viaduct is nothing compared to the bridge Jesus made between us and God. THAT is an amazing, wonderful, AWESOME bridge! In Kidventure this Sunday we learned about how we were disobedient and that disobedience (or sin) separated us from God. God didn’t like that at all! He created us to be close to him, not far away! So God sent the only person who was never disobedient at all, the only person who could crush all that sin for us – Jesus! When Jesus died on the cross to crush our disobedience he made a bridge between us and God so that we could be close to God again. Isn’t that amazing, wonderful, AWESOME news?!

We also talked about how pennies are like our hearts. Do our hearts stay sparkling clean all the time? What happens when we are disobedient and sin comes into our hearts? (the pennies/our hearts get dirty)

No matter how hard we may try to keep them clean or wash them up, we can never get them sparkling clean again. Do you remember how Melodie rubbed and rubbed and rubbed to get the penny clean? Did it get nice and clean in the end? (No, it didn’t)

Is there anything you can do to make your heart clean again? If you try to be good and do good things does that make your heart clean again? If you go to church does that make your heart clean again? If you feel really badly about being disobedient does that make your heart clean again?

The only thing that can make our hearts clean again is Jesus! Do you remember how shiny the pennies got when we put them in the bowl of vinegar and salt? They got clean right away! That’s how Jesus cleans our hearts, right away!

Because Jesus was never disobedient, never sinned even once, he’s the only one who can clean the disobedience from our hearts. Jesus didn’t come to tell us what bad people we are, he came to make us clean again and be a bridge to God for us. Isn’t it good news that God sent him to save us? Wow. God must love us A LOT!!!

Pray together and thank God that he sent Jesus to make our hearts clean. Ask him to help you be more obedient and kind and loving so we can be just like Jesus.

And just a reminder that you only have a couple more weeks to memorize John 3:16! You can do it!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. ” John. 3:16

And for the youngest group:

“God loves me like crazy! He sent Jesus to save me!”

Now get out there and have a great week!

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March 15

the BIG plan

God saved us and called us to be holy, not because of what we had done, but because of his own plan and kindness.” 2 Timothy 1:19

Our series, the BIG plan, is going strong. This week we talked about how we couldn’t save ourselves from sin but how God made a plan to save us from all the bad things we do.

Can you explain the experiment we did in Kidventure to your parents? We used a plate and a penny, some coloured water, a glass, and a candle. Do you remember what happened? (Here’s a clue to help if you need it – minus the penny)

Why do you think God came up with a BIG plan to save us? What does our memory verse say about why God made a plan? What does 1 John 4 say about why God made a plan?

Did God make his BIG plan because he felt sorry for us? Because he was frustrated that we couldn’t ever be good enough? Because we worked really hard and he rewarded us? NO! God made his plan because he loves us! Not only does he love you, he loves you LIKE CRAZY!

Now that you know how much God loves you, can you share God’s love with others? Make a list of five things that you can do to show other people love. I’ll get you started:

  1. Do a chore or job for your brother or sister (or mom or dad) without them asking you to. When they’ve noticed you’ve done the chore or job for them, tell them it’s because you love them.

Great! Now go and do it and cross all the items off your list!





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March 8

the BIG plan

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

This week in Kidventure we started a whole new series called The BIG Plan. We talked about disobedience (also called sin) and that no matter how hard we try we will never be able to be good enough. That’s why God needed a BIG plan to save us.

Have you ever been disobedient? Disobedient means doing something wrong even though you know you shouldn’t do it. We all have to answer yes to this question, because none of us – no one in the whole world – is perfect. (not even your mom or dad!)

Does God like it when we are disobedient? How do you think he feels when he sees us disobey our parents, or our teacher, or a certain rule?

If we do something wrong we can always tell God we’re sorry and ask him to forgive us and he always will! There is never a time when God won’t love you or forgive you! That’s part of his BIG plan that we’re going to learn more about in the coming weeks in Kidventure. But for now…

What does it mean to be obedient? Who should you listen to and obey?

In Kidventure we talked about how to Obey, Right Away, All the Way, In a Happy Way. Are you practicing that at home this week? Are your parents impressed with how God is teaching you and helping you to be more like Jesus? They should be! Pray together that God will help us obey our parents and him and thank God for all the love and patience he shows us!

Our memory work for this series is a verse we’ve already learned but it’s a great one to go over again. It’s all about God’s BIG plan.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. ” John. 3:16

And for the youngest group:

“God loves me like crazy! He sent Jesus to save me!”

Just for fun, here is the video we watched in church from our last series Win Against Sin. If you watch and can tell me (Corrie) what colour Jack’s shoes are in the video when we’re in Kidventure next Sunday I’ll give you a special prize : )


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