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April 28. 2019

Meeting the Builder

In this series we focused on those who met Jesus on his journey from the stable to the cross.  Now we explore those who saw Jesus after His resurrection

Doubting Thomas

The children began by hearing many statements.  Some were true, some were not  The children were asked to answer with cards that said “I believe it” or “I doubt it”.    What do you doubt? Do you remember which is true

  • Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, was afraid of the dark
  • Nicole has never broken a bone
  • During WW2 M&Ms were candy coated green peas because of a world wide chocolate shortage
  • Cynthia has never baked a pie
  • In Japan, watermelons are square
  • Heather swam with a shark
  • Gorillas purr like kittens
  • Marja is afraid of campfires

Play this game with your friends and family.  Use things about yourself, are there things they might doubt?

We all doubt and question things sometimes.  Thomas was the one discipline who would not believe Jesus was alive until he could see for himself.  Listen to his story



When Jesus said this he was talking about us  All of us, everyone who believes even though we have not seen..
















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April 7, 2019

Meeting The Builder

In this series we are looking at the people who met Jesus on his journey from the stable to the cross.

Mary Magdelene

This week the children learned about Mary Magdelene.  Mary Magdalene is a woman who is mentioned in all four gospels of the New Testament. She became a faithful follower of Jesus.  She was also there to witness the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, and was the first person to see and talk with him after he arose from the dead.

Mary Magdalene showed Jesus love in different ways: she cried over his feet, wiped her tears with her hair, then poured perfume all over his feet! But Jesus loved it, because he loves it when we show him our love.

How do you show Jesus your love?

We can pray, we can sing, we can dance, we can raise our hands.  What can you think of?

Here are some songs you can sing together with your family.  Maybe there are others you can sing too!


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