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October 16

The Truth About You…Creation

Sun, Moon & Stars

“God determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.”

Psalm 147:4

This week in Kidventure we talked about how God created the sun, moon, and stars. We talked about how amazing God is to have created such a big universe and how we enjoy star gazing and moon gazing.

We also heard the story of Abraham and Sarah and how God made them a promise. Do you remember what that promise was? If you need a refresher, watch this video:

God’s Story: Abraham

God’s plan from the beginning of creation was to send Jesus as the rescuer. The good news is that because Jesus came and died so that we could be close to God, we are now part of Abraham’s family, too! Isn’t that cool?

Just like Psalm 174:4 says, God counts all the stars and knows them each by name, God knows you, too, right down to each hair on your head. You are so special to him, he wants to know you and love you well.

Spend some time this week star gazing. As you look at the stars remember how big God is and how little you are. Isn’t it amazing that such a big God cares so much about us?

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October 9

The Truth About You…Creation

Land and Plants

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5

This week in Kidventure we talked about how God created land and plants. Even though God hadn’t created people or animals yet God had set a plan in motion and he knew that we’d all need food to live.


Read Genesis 1:9-13. Why do you think the Bible mentions that all the plants and fruit and trees had seeds in them? Could we grow more plants and fruit and trees without seeds? No! But guess what? God can! Isn’t that amazing? All he had to do was speak and it appeared. God is so powerful.


We also talked about how Jesus described himself in John 15:5 as a vine and we are branches of that vine. What does the verse say about staying connected to Jesus? What are some ways that you can stay connected to Jesus?

God has such a great plan for us. He created food for us because he wanted to nourish us so we would stay healthy and strong. He sent Jesus to us so that we’d have a way to stay connected with him so our hearts would stay healthy and strong. You can think of it as food for our soul!

Do something this week that will help other people be nourished. Maybe you can take food to drop off at a food bank. That will nourish their bodies. Maybe you could remember to pray for someone every day this week. That will nourish their soul. No matter what you decide to do, know that when we help nourish others God feeds us, too. God wants you to stay connected to him, you’re one of his favourite people!

Another way you can stay connected to God is by practicing your memory verse! Our memory verse for this series is Nehemiah 9:6

“You alone are the Lord. You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars. You made the earth and the seas and everything in them. You made them all, and the angels of heaven worship you.”

And for the younger kids:

“God made the stars, He made the trees, He made the animals, and God made me. From everything big to everything small, We thank you God, you made it all!”

And here is the video of the actions we recorded! Stay posted for the younger group’s action next week.

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October 2

The Truth About You…Creation

Water Above and Water Below

“The disciples were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

Mark 4:41


This week in Kidventure we talked about how on day two of creation God separated the waters below from the waters above. We talked a bit about the plan God has in place to store water and send it on rivers and in clouds when the earth and people need it. Then we talked about Jesus calming a wild storm. Read Mark 4:35-41 for the whole story.

What do you think it was like for the disciples to be in a boat while a storm was raging over the water and the waves were splashing over the boat? Why do you think Jesus was calm while it was storming? (more than calm! what was Jesus doing?) How did Jesus calm the disciples fears?

Now, with your mom and dad’s help, get a few balloons, a marker, and a safety pin. Blow up the balloons and tie them tight.

Do you ever feel afraid? Do you have any fears? Write them, or have your parents write them, on the balloon with the marker.

Then hold up the safety pin. The safety pin is like Jesus and the balloon is like our fears. What do you think would happen if the fears got close to Jesus? Try it and see what happens.

Jesus has the power to destroy our fears just like the pin can pop the balloons. Do you think it would matter if the balloon was bigger or smaller? Are there any fears that are too big for Jesus?  Jesus’ power and love are not limited by the size of our fears. He created us and everything else in the universe. Whenever you start to feel afraid of something remember Jesus calming the storm, and remember the balloons popping. There is nothing too great or too small for him to handle.

Here’s a song to help you remember why you shouldn’t be afraid.

I’m Not Afraid (Stop-motion)

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