Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.” John 17:17

Today we learned about the belt of truth. In Ephesians, Paul wrote about putting on the armour of God. The belt of truth is the first thing he mentioned.

  • A Roman soldier always wore a belt as part of his armour. The belt was important for three reasons. Can you tell your parents what those reasons were?
  • Just like the leather strips protect the soldier from injury; if we know and believe in God’s truth we will be protected. From whom will we be protected?
  • Where can we find God’s truths? How many of God’s truths can you list?
  • Can you think of some of Satan’s lies that we talked about this morning?

When we remember God’s truths and keep them close, we are protected and ready for battle against Satan and sin.

Let’s see if you’re ready. Answer True or False to these statements.

– God knows each one of us

– Jesus only loves people who never make mistakes

– Jesus loves me

– God wants me to wear the whole armour of God

– God only hears me on Sundays

– God has good plans for me


Good job! Now remember to take some time this week to read your Bible, so that you can store more truths into your belt.