Meeting The Builder

The Three Wiseman

Today we focused on the Wisemen.  They had such faith that Jesus was the “King of the Jews” that they endured rigorous, lengthy travel just to be able to bow before him.  Jesus had not yet done anything to earn their worahip yet they spent time, energy even risking their lives in order to find him.  Their journey alone is a form of worship.  Here is their story found in Matthew 2.

What are other forms of worship?  What can we do to show we are worshiping the King of the Jews?

Hint:  Remember anything we do can be worship if we are doing it for God


We spent part of today’s Kidventure time talking about Daryl, his illness and his need for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. The children worked on a special book that will be presented to Daryl and the family to show that everyone (including the children) are praying for healing. Each child was given a token to help them remember to pray for Daryl when they see it. Please join us in holding Daryl and the family up for God’s grace and healing hands.