The Truth About You…Who I am

God Is With Me. Alway.

“You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.”

Psalm 139:5 (NLT)

This Sunday we heard the story of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down and filled the disciples. Watch these kids retell the story of Pentecost:

  1. In the beginning of this story, what were the disciples waiting for? (the special help
    Jesus was going to send; the Holy Spirit)
  2.  What did they hear right before the Holy Spirit arrived? (a
    whoosh of wind) Then what separated and went onto each of them? (A flaming tongue of fire!)
  3. Then where did the Holy Spirit go? (inside each of them) What did they do after they were filled with the Holy Spirit? (Ran outside, began to teach people about Jesus!)
  4. Where is the Holy Spirit now? (He lives inside people who follow Jesus!)
  5. Will the Holy Spirit ever leave us? What does Psalm 139:5 say? No! When God’s spirit lives inside of us God is always with us. Isn’t that fantastic news?
  6. What is one way you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you this week? (help us love others who are rude to us, be joyful even in hard times, have peace because we know God is with us, etc.)

Take a look at this new song that reminds us that because God is always with us we can be brave!