The Truth About You…My Superhero

Jesus Died and Rose Again!

“I know you are looking for Jesus, who was nailed to a cross. He isn’t here! God has raised him to life, just as Jesus said he would.

Matthew 28:5-6

This week we celebrated a very special, exciting event. We celebrated Easter! You can read the story in Mark 14-16. What is your favourite thing about Easter?

Jesus’ friends were very excited about Easter, too, but not because of Easter eggs, or chocolate, or candies. They had a whole other reason to be excited, and we do, too! But first…

  1. Why were Jesus’ friends so sad on Good Friday? Have you ever been sad? Does it make you sad to think of Jesus dying on the cross?
  2. Why do you think Jesus was willing to die on the cross and rescue us, even though it’s so sad and was so hard for Jesus? (he loves us and wants us to be close to him and God)
  3. Do you remember when Corrie cracked open the first egg? What was inside the egg? Do you think Jesus’ friends expected Jesus’ body to be in the tomb? What happened when Corrie cracked open the second egg? (it was empty!)
  4. How did you feel when you saw that the egg was empty? How do you think Jesus’ friends felt when they saw that the tomb was empty and the angel told them Jesus wasn’t dead anymore but was alive?
  5. How do you feel when you’re excited? Are you excited about Jesus being alive just like Jesus’ friends were?
  6. So what’s the best part of the Easter story? Is it chocolates or candies or Easter eggs? No! Jesus is alive and we can be close to him! Hooray! (now do a little happy dance!)

Here’s a video you can watch that helps us understand how something so sad can make us so happy.