The Truth About You…Creation

Day 7 – God rested

Yes, I must find rest in God.

He is the God who gives me hope.

It is surely true that He is my rock and the God who saves me.

He is like a fort to me, so I will always be secure.

I depend on God to save me and to honour me.

He is my mighty rock and my place of safety.

Trust in Him at all times, you people.

Tell Him all your troubles. 

God is our place of safety.

Psalm 62:5-8

So, this week we conclude our days of creation series with Day 7. The day where God rested.

First of all, let’s explain that when the Bible says that God rested, what it’s really saying is that God stopped working. Not that God slept, because God does not need sleep. So, God worked for 6 days, then, on day 7, he stopped working.

Why did He stop working?

Well, He saw everything that He had created and declared it “very good” Genesis 1:31. There was nothing else that needed to be created.

Ok, so God rested, or stopped working on day 7. Why is that important?

Well, Day 7 is important because God blesses it. Genesis 2:2-3

Now, let’s think about God and who God is again. God can do anything. He has unimaginable power. I mean He created light and stars and birds and mountains by simply speaking. So, with that much power, couldn’t God have created everything in just one day? Of course He could have. So, why did He work for 6 days and why did He rest on Day 7?

Well, God is leading by example. He is showing us that we need to follow a pattern of work and rest.

Exodus 16:13-26

Exodus 34:21

Deuteronomy 5:14

Jesus tells us that the Sabbath day is for us. Mark 2:27

God created us, and so, knows exactly what we need. We need to rest. Sleep is one way our bodies rest. Sleeping helps keep our brains healthy so that we can learn and remember, it also keeps our hearts healthy and gives our bodies time to grow. But sleep isn’t the only kind of rest our bodies need.

Can you imagine going to school and sitting at a desk everyday, all day, day after day after day? What would happen to your body? What would happen to your mind?

I think I would become very weak, I would always be tired, I probably wouldn’t be able to remember the things I was learning anymore. We know that in order to keep our minds and bodies healthy we need to take breaks. It’s not good to do the same one thing all the time, even if that one thing is as fun as drawing or reading a book. We need breaks so that we can be refreshed.

Well, our spirit is like our body. Our spirit also needs to be refreshed. Day 7 is a day that God has set apart for us. It is a day where we are called to take a break from our normal routine to connect with God and worship God. Isaiah 58:13  What do you do to connect with God?

God wants us to go to Him. To find rest in Him. Matthew 11:28


What does resting in God look like? Psalm 62:5-8

When we rely on ourselves and our own abilities, we will not find rest. But, when we choose to depend on God, to trust God, to obey God we will enter His rest, our spirit will be refreshed.

This week’s challenge

Take time this week to connect with God.

-Go for a walk outside and take some time to appreciate all that God has created.

-Read your favourite Bible story, or read a story you’ve never read before.

-Gather your family and sing your favourite worship song together.