How to Pray – The Persistent Widow

So here’s the thing. We already did a week called “How to Pray” in KV. Well, this is part two, because, really, how can we ever know everything there is to know about prayer? In Luke 18:1-8 we read the story of a woman who never gave up. The judge turned her away but she came back, and came back and… you guessed it! came back until he heard her plea and helped her.

Dig Deeper Lesson

Jesus told us the story of the persistent widow as a lesson to teach us how we should pray. Do you keep praying like the woman in the story or do you give up before God has a chance to answer your prayers? Check out the dig deeper lesson for this week and maybe even print up the prayer journal page!

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Last time we did this lesson we learned a prayer that Jesus taught us – The Lord’s Prayer. ┬áHere it is again, (from the Jesus Storybook Bible) just ’cause it’s important and maybe you want to use it to help you pray.

Hello Daddy! We want to know you. And be close to you. Please show us how. Make everything in the world right again. And in our hearts, too. Do what is best – just like you do in heaven, and please do it down here, too. Please give us everything we need today. Forgive us for doing wrong, for hurting you. Forgive us just as we forgive other people when they hurt us. Rescue us! We need you. We don’t want to keep running away and hiding from you. Keep us safe from our enemies. You’re strong, God. You can do whatever you want. You are in charge. Now and forever and for always! We think you’re great! Amen! Yes we do!