Shaping Up

At 55 years of age and a year and a half layoff I am finally back at the gym. WOW. It almost feels like starting over from the beginning again. I used to joke with my kids about getting ripped. They laughed hysterically. I’m sure this picture on the right is more in...

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Playing to win

Whether you play a sport, a board game, a video game or just a friendly game of cards, nobody plays to lose. If we are honest with our selves we have to admit we do not want to lose, we want to win, we’d love to be first and definitely not last, we’d like the...

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Dead Battery Syndrome

“Dead Battery Syndrome” was a phrase I learned in the mental health field. It was meant as a euphemism for folks running on empty. It describes the post-Christmas blahs, the feeling of despair when Christmas credit card bills finally come in, and the “I’m sick of...

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Out of Line

Imagine if Jesus came to earth during our time rather than two thousand years ago. What if he came to The Festival du Voyageur? What if he came to take in the ice sculptures, go sledding or ice skating on the Red? What if he came for the festival’s famed pea soup, or...

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Face to Face

Ever think about the fact that other people’s faces are mirrors for us. My wife and kid’s faces are my biggest mirrors. There have been times when I didn’t know, until I looked into their faces, that I was acting like a dork. I didn’t need to hear them moan, “Daaaad”,...

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving I offer the following short anecdote. It works well with the message series currently under way at GNF … Choosing Grace, Living Grace. MEMO: From: God To: My child I am God. I will be handling all of your problems. Please remember that I...

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Your True Identity

Although I was brought up in the church and knew in my head what the church stood for there was a time in my life when people who knew me would have said that I had converted to paganism. Plainly said, I was angry and rebellious and certainly didn’t feel “good enough”...

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