The Sacred Way: Clothed in Christ’s Righteousness

The Sacred Way: Clothed in Christ's Righteousness

by Kasey Vander Veen

We have been talking about “The Sacred Way” or “The Way of the Cross” – more of God and less of self. On the surface of things, Palm Sunday seems to highlight this truth rather loudly as everyone in the story of THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY is shouting, “Hosannah Son of David!”  They are very willing to submit to Jesus as their new conquering king. Unfortunately, their desire is not an ingredient in the Sacred Way. What is an ingredient is to be “clothed with the righteousness of Christ”. To that end, our story today is about how the soldiers decided to divide Jesus’ clothes. How ironic that they choose who gets what by means generally understood to be discerning the will of God or, in the soldiers case, the will of the gods. How Sacred is that?

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